Branson Byers

With a low laugh-threshold and a high tendency to impersonate old gurus, Branson's love for improv was inevitable. It has introduced him to best friends and countless life lessons. He is a research specialist at the Neuroscience Institute and shares a house with his septuagenarian landlord, Helge, who has a thick German accent and tells great stories. Because of this, every day really is a new scene and a new adventure.


Charlie Bagin '21

Charlie is a Jersey boy, born and raised. North Jersey to be precise. He is prone to talking about food in casual conversation, especially ice cream! When he’s not improvising, you might find him out on the court playing basketball - or more likely on the bench, watching others play basketball. He is incredibly excited to improv with Child’s Play!


Hannah Wang '21

Hannah was birthed from the briny sea foam off the shores of Seattle, which means she's basically Aphrodite but a lot more caffeinated and a lot less straight. She is a Woody Woo major but refuses to know who Woodrow Wilson is. Her favorite hobby is exploring the outdoors in search of the perfect peat bog, where she can lie down, hibernate, and finally transform into the next incarnation of Andrew Hozier-Byrne.


Sophie Amiton '22

Sophie is the only member of Child's Play who lives up campus, which is unfortunate for her. Be careful if you see her with a cup of Starbucks.


Riley Bona '22

Raised by the soft-footed but hard-hearted deer of rural Massachusetts, Riley is Child’s Play’s best exterior designer. His hobbies include drinking seltzer water, making bad decisions, and attempting to fill the vast silence of the void with the sound of his own voice. Most likely to laugh when bad things happen.


Nishaad Khedkar '22

Nishaad is a freshman who likes to be seen as different from everyone else while simultaneously fulfilling the BSE-Asian-kid-from-Jersey-suburb stereotype! You can find him buying Wawa chocolate milk by the gallon, complaining about all the work he procrastinated this week, or stargazing wistfully from his balcony/fire escape. Nishaad had zero improv experience going into Child's Play, but what he's learned has made him a way better talker, thinker, and performer. He encourages everyone he knows who is even the slightest bit interested in improv to audition so they can discover abilities they never knew they had!


Julia Garaffa '23

Julia is a first-year trying her best to fill the void with comedy and laughter. Born and raised in central Jersey, Julia didn’t realize that manners or traffic laws existed until she was 15 (and still has a weak grasp on the latter). In her free time, she enjoys petting random dogs, quoting obscure vines, and accidentally walking into oncoming traffic. Julia was brand new to improv before joining Child’s Play, but luckily she read the WikiHow on improv comedy right before her audition and it’s gotten her this far.