about us


Child’s Play is Princeton’s youngest improv group! The institution of Child’s Play, unlike other Princeton improv groups, can’t legally drink, drive, or have acne, but we DO know how to have amazing, mirthful, totally unscripted fun.

Everyone knows how to have fun! Child’s Play doesn’t believe that improv is an elite and unattainable skill. We want to keep it weird. Surprising. Spunky. Spontaneous. We want genuine. We want you, because that’s where it all comes from! We are our own wildest and most wonderful creations. Go ahead and jot that down.

So you don’t need improv experience, a friend who’s a theater kid, or the word “zany” in your vocabulary. You don’t even have to be part of our group! As part of our goal to make improv more diverse and accessible, Child’s Play holds open workshops every other month. Anyone, and we mean anyone, can be a part of our family. We just want you to be bold, confident, and open-minded…the rest, as they say, is child’s play.